Barbara Peets

Barbara was born in Gowanda, New York. She began sketching when she was three years old and there has never been any question in her mind to what her career would be. In junior high school she was blessed to have a teacher with a doctorate degree in art. He taught her the basics, which would prove to be a great strength in years to follow. In high school, Water Garver, a working artist, furthered her education including commercial art instruction
At Kent State University, she majored in commercial art for a time and then switched to the fine arts so she could take a wider range of courses. Sculpture, ceramics and anatomy were part of the curriculum as well as painting and drawing classes. She graduated from Kent with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.
In 1968, Barbara moved to Salmon, Idaho and made her home in the mountains where a variety of wildlife and scenic beauty surround her and her family. She has five children, several which have artistic talent and are building on their artistic heritage. She and her son, Morgan, often go into the wilderness to photograph, study and paint.
Barbara feels that the West is her home although her interests are not limited to this area alone. She has traveled throughout Europe, Canada and the States and likes to bring diversity to her work. Her enjoyment of wildlife is evident; she has an endless capacity for natures many beautiful and magnificent treasures. She considers the time spent in the field as being just as important as knowing the basics of technique and color.
She has made over 40 of her originals into prints and has enjoyed being able to share her creativity with many people. Enjoyment, she feels comes not only through the creative process, but also through the emotions produced in the viewer. “To sit back and watch someone as they can feel the excitement or the peace in my work is so fulfilling,” Barb commented, “and it is enjoyable to hear the stories that are so often aroused.”
Barbara has won numerous awards, some of which included National Western Art Show “Best of Show in Oil”; Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation “Artist of the Quarter” to name few. Some of her artwork has graced the cover of magazines such as “Outdoor Life”; “Steamboat Magazine” and her biography is listed in several ”Who’s Who”.