Carol Bullock

I am a retired preschool teacher, and I did landscape design and consultation at my small business during the summer breaks in Portland Oregon region, where I also studied basic drafting and design principles along with home and garden organizations skills.

My husband and I are currently building a five-acre garden and wildlife habitat at our home and studio, called “Bullocks’ Bog & Gardens”, just south of town.

Why am I an artist?  Well, that’s my mother’s idea.  After my retirement in 2007, while she and I were discussing what career moves I might try after teaching was over, she told me she’d always thought I should try something creative, like art.  Turns out mom was right!  I’ve absolutely loved it and have never stopped panting or drawing since then.

Now I consider myself to be an art student, but I do sell paintings.  I started painting watercolors about 2009.  I took a few graphic art classes in college, but was taught watercolor and sketching mostly by local artists right here in Salmon, along with a few good art classes and seminars brought in by local folks.

I am a member of the Lemhi County Art Guild.

At this time, I work only in watercolor, although that may change as I learn more about acrylics.

I enjoy abstracts and landscape painting the most, but I have tried just about everything.

My husband and I have traveled a bit and I can say that this region offers the most spectacular and inspiring views and the friendliest people of any place we have ever lived.  The Salmon River region truly is an artist’s dream-come-true.

My paintings are pretty much distributed in private collections through-out Idaho, Colorado and Utah.  I am currently showing at the Purple Easel Gallery in Salmon, Idaho.