Celeste Graham

Celeste was born and raised on a farm in Missouri with her 11 siblings. When she was in grade school her aunt took her to art classes in the evenings where she learned to work in oils. In the mid 1970’s when her family was young, she and her husband Ralph moved to the Salmon area. She and an artist friend would take the kids with them while they tried to capture the beauty of the Salmon mountains.

She has studied under Barbara Peets, as well as taken various workshops on watercolor and oil techniques. Her main interest is painting landscapes to share the feelings experienced in the calm of the mountains. She uses a variety of media, including pencil, charcoal, watercolor and oils.

For 18 years, she worked as a nurse in the local hospital. After her husband passed away and her children were grown she decided it was time to pursue her dreams.

Celeste graduated in 2007 with a degree in graphic design.  She opened a design business called “A Fine Line, Art and Design by Celeste.”  As part of her classwork, she created many interesting advertising projects such as the LeBoutique postcard.

As part of that adventure, she decided to do something that would not only let her pursue her art but also promote local artistic talents. So in May 2007 she opened the Purple Easel Gallery. 

To continue to grow as an artist, she studies on her own and through various workshops with award winning artists. Art is a constantly changing world, there is always something new to learn, always another special place to share through art.