Cheryl Mogensen

Cheryl lives in Salmon on a small city farm with her husband and 8 lovely girls who luxuriate in their upscale chicken coop.  She is a grateful mom and grandma to many and an avid champion of sustainable agriculture.  She posts a Daily Gratitude Journal on social media and plans to expand this in the very near future.

I was born a city girl yet lived in a body that yearned for the country.  In 2014 I followed my dream for a country life, leaving the rainy Pacific Northwest for the dry high mountain desert of Salmon Idaho.  It was in Salmon that I developed a love for all things equine and found myself hiking in remote and gorgeous areas that begged to be photographed.  I am a retired mental health professional and educator who has always sought to find the good in every person and each situation and I share that attitude in my writing and photography as I seek to inspire and encourage others.  I hope that my photography will take you to a special place or memory and that you will marvel with me at the wonderful creation before us. 


This photo taken near the Salmon River Bridge in Autumn is called Waters Gone By, depicting God’s Promise in Job 11:16 – “For you will forget your misery, recalling it as waters gone by”.