Diana Ketterling

Diana Ketterling became involved in the art of stained glass in 1984 after taking three lessons at a glass studio in New Orleans, Louisiana and has worked on perfecting her skills since then. 

After nearly 30 years as a nursing administrator, she moved to Salmon in October of 2015 with the intention of retiring and devoting herself to her stained glass passion full time.  She currently serves on the board of directors for the Salmon Arts Council and keeps busy creating new stained glass pieces to display at the Purple Easel.  She has experience doing custom orders, making stained glass panels, sun catchers, kaleidoscopes, frees standing lamps, figures, cabinet doors and mixed media pieces of her own design and invention.  

When not cutting glass she enjoys anything that has to do with nature and being outdoors such as hiking, exploring ghost towns, traveling to nearby parks, sketching and learning to fish. 

Raised on a farm in North Dakota, Diana has a deep appreciation for country living, country culture and the beauty of nature.  Living among the mountains and rivers of Idaho is a dream come true.